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For the last few years my hay fever had been worsening to the point where it had become debilitating when the symptoms presented.  After meeting Nicola and chatting with her I decided, that because none of the ‘normal’ treatments seemed to be working, to jump headlong into a natural alternative.  It was the best thing I have done for my health in years and years!!

My initial chat with Nicola was about lifestyle – food intake, exercise patterns, stress triggers and the like.  It appeared to her pretty early on that all of those factors were contributing to my hyper sensitive immune system, as well as the normal pollens and allergens that made me feel lousy.  Her ideas were simple – “lets treat the effect of the symptoms to make life a bit more comfortable, lets then build your body’s resistance and finally clean your system out of all of the toxins and rubbish that’s refocusing your immune system away from enabling it to deal with even the smallest exposure to what normally gives people hay-fever”.

Well, after about two weeks of simple changes to diet, another two weeks of some natural supplements and another month or so of detoxification, I can now get through the worst Nor’West days in Canterbury without so much as a sniffle!  Thank you Nicola!

I have returned to a quality of life that I wasn’t sure I ever be able to enjoy again – even friends and family have noticed a significant improvement to them point now where they are actually surprised to see me with watering eyes and a running nose.

In general terms the advice that Nicola has given me has resulted in other lifestyle changes in terms of putting stuff into my body that doesn’t help those allergies rearing their heads.  Because I’m now clear of the symptoms I have been better able to work out what the things are that bring them on – additives and preservatives in food and wine, coffee, exposure to certain types of plants and flowers, and unfortunately even some types of womens perfume!  However, just knowing those things has made managing them a lot easier.

Once again a big big thank you!!



What good fortune seeing you. I started the regime last tues and already feel better! I have more energy, my brain’s working and I feel less anxious. I think I’m a convert!

Thanks so much



You are an amazing lady that has made a huge change in my approach to my latest health scare.
I’m back to my early morning walks along the beach then home for some weetbix, yoghurt and berries… I have had one glass of lemonade since seeing you, its been water water and more water. Im really enjoying my new take on what goes into my system.

Thank you & I’m looking forward to seeing you next.

Hannah R
(Real Estate Agent & ‘Supermum’) 

I write to thank you for your ongoing professional advice and treatment over the past several months.  Thankfully the sinusitis symptoms have not returned and I am now free of pain.  Had I not consulted you over this matter I fear I would still be trying to solve the problem with my GP and my dentist or the ENT specialist, all of whom and to my frustration, were unable to give an accurate diagnosis.   The dietary advice you have offered me I find particularly helpful and easy to follow and, combined with the other treatment, has resulted in my blood pressure reducing significantly to what I understand to be near normal levels for a man of my age.  Thank you Nicola for making such a significant difference to my life.

Warm regards
Ian Butcher