What happens in a Consultation? 2018-02-12T14:26:43+13:00

What happens in a Consultation?

The consultation provides an opportunity to identify areas where changes in attitude and behaviour (and not just consumption of mediciation – herbal or otherwise) might lead to enhanced self-care and well being, as well as movement towards a greater degree of meaning-perception, coping ability and resilience. Strategies for change and movement can be proposed by the practitioner and then negotiated with the patient. This is a genuine patient-centred healthcare model.

During the initial consultation, a thorough case history is taken (i.e.: a lot of questions are asked!) in order to understand your needs. Some naturopathic diagnostic examinations (eg: iris analysis, blood typing, zinc testing) are included and an individual treatment plan is formulated – aimed at a level you  feel comfortable with.

Follow-up visits are necessary to provide unconditional support, monitor progress and make any changes to your treatment – I never suggest what you cannot achieve.nic4